Center Console

As you can tell by the date on this photo (if you click it, that is), I built the center console panels quite a while back.  They've been sitting harmlessly under my bowling alley work bench for a couple of years now.  Let's install them, shall we?
The installation requirement was a 3.00" separation between the two panels, so I drilled a few holes though them and cut some 3" spacers to be used in conjunction with " bolts.  This would hold the panels in the proper relative position during installation.
See, I told you it would work.
Panel assembly held in position with blobs of Bondo.  Or, if you prefer, blops of Bondo.
Glassing the panels into the airplane for ever and ever.  Can anybody guess why I had to use a clamp for this installation?  Turns out that the aft-most bolt interfered with the glass, so I removed the bolt but left the spacer in place.  The clamp kept pressure on the spacer.

After everything had cured, I filled the 5 bolt holes with potting compound.

As of this writing (August 14, 2003), I have temporarily installed the control sticks and associated hardware into the center console panels, but I don't have any photos handy.  Check back later for that.



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