I cut out the hatch way back in the Fuselage Cutouts section, but now it was time to re-install it.  It's much easier to do this section before the canard is installed, and that job is not too far away.

The process is identical to the door installation process.  First build a stop for the hatch to sit on out of 2 plies of S2 glass.  The stop is only about .13" wide.

Then install a foam "spacer" below the stop.  This is just a "form" to lay up 2 more plies of S2 glass on the bottom side.  These plies then become the retention device for the bulb seal. 
Once cured, the foam spacer is removed and the resulting gap is filled with potting compound.  The seal backstop is then trimmed to about " wide for the seal to clip onto.

I realize that I have to cut a large section out in order to install the canard, which will destroy some of my careful work here, but once it's all back together, nobody will know.  Ah, the beauty of fiberglass.

More to come on this section.  Still need to install locks and/or a hinge system.


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