Welcome to my adventure, friends. Finally, a practical use for the space my internet service provider has... well... provided me. I figured this would be a great medium to keep all my friends and family throughout North America updated on my progress as I build the SQ2000-XP kit aircraft in my garage. It may also be useful to any would-be kitplane builders out there. I know there are others documenting their kitplane projects on the Web, such as G.A. Venkatesh's The Agony and Ecstasy of Kitbuilding, and Rob Johnson's Building a Velocity XL. I found both of these sites to be entertaining and informative. Perhaps someone will think the same of mine someday.

Building an aircraft is a huge undertaking, and will consume most of my free time, so please bear with me; I will try to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, but there will certainly be days when I don't have the time nor the energy to revise and upload new web pages. At the bottom of the home page I'll post the last revision date, so you'll know if I've added new information since your last visit.

If you'd like to learn a bit about my background as it relates to airplanes, pick the aero-biography button. Otherwise pick back.