Finding a Place to Build

OK, so I’ve actually decided to build a kitplane, I just didn’t know which one, nor did I have a place to build one since I was living in an apartment in a Seattle suburb.

The first obstacle was to find a home with a garage. To clarify, I should note that my reasons for buying a place were not solely airplane-driven. I would have bought regardless, simply because it was a good time for me to make my first home purchase (good thing I did too, as housing prices in Seattle have risen sharply) and I needed the tax write-off.  Since I’m single, I really didn’t need a big home, and I could do without all the yard work, so I concentrated on condos and townhomes. Minimum requirements were:

  • Nice location
  • 2 bedroom
  • Good condition
  • 2 car garage with single door and no center posts

Believe it or not, I found the perfect place online (this is 1996, mind you, so online real estate shopping was a failrly new concept).  I called up the real estate agent and she showed me the place, which seemed just right.  It was only a couple years old, and I would be the second owner.  It was half way between Everett (where the Boeing widebody assembly plant is located) and downtown Seattle, which was ideal.  Just for comparison sake, we looked a half a dozen other places, but I ended up buying the first one even though it was a bit more expensive than the rest.  I moved in around Thanksgiving time 1996 (thanks again Wagnon’s for your help) and have settled in nicely.  Condo living is okay.

Now it was time to figure out which kit to buy.