Lower Fuselage Joint – Part 3

With the lower fuselage joint nearly complete, the last step was to add 2 plies of EBX-1200 (if I recall correctly) fiberglass cloth over the top of the joint.   With my ever-increasing fiberglassing skills, this task wasn’t particularly challenging.

For smaller layups, I found that wetting the fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin was easier when accomplished on the work bench.  But for larger pieces like these, I prefer to do the layup in place.

The first ply of EBX-1200 cloth was laid up over the exposed foam core, after filling the open cells with a wet micro mix, of course.  A 1 – 2 inch overlap on all sides was the standard.  Then another ply on top of that one, with anothere 1 -2 inch overlap.

Apply a final peel ply, and let the whole thing cure.  Voila! Lower joint complete.

A side note here for those of you with bad backs: don’t build this airplane.  I don’t have a bad back, but after several hours hunched over in the fuselage working on this joint, I sure felt like I did.  And I was only half way done.

Also, get yourself a set of knee pads.   You’ll thank me later.