Epoxy Report

Hudco's Clearstream 9000 laminating resin

Now that I’ve done scores of layups and can proclaim myself an expert at room temperature wet layups, I can say that I’ve been very pleased with the performance of Hudco’s Clearstream laminating resins.  I received two different hardeners with my initial shipment, a slow and a fast, as you’d expect.  Since temperatures in the Seattle area are below the national average I received more of the fast hardener, per Stan Montgomery’s input.  Typically I can get about 45 minutes of working time out of a fast batch.

This resin is low odor, easy to work with, and cures at relatively low temperature.  I haven’t tried many of the other epoxy resins popular with kit builders, so I can’t site any direct comparisons, but if I were to buy more epoxy, I would certainly seek out more of this stuff.

A friend of mine used to work for a large adhesives company – one that supplied Boeing with adhesives and laminating resins – so I got some of his samples from time to time.  I did a side by side comparison of his laminating resin that met Boeing specifications, and I found the Clearstream to be better for the amature builder: odor was lower, easier curing, and slightly better peel strength in my unofficial bench test.

I did call Hudco to order some more epoxy at one point, but was shocked at the price (nearing $200/gallon as I recall) which is much higher than a gallon of say West Systems.  Stan Montgomery ended up sending me some directly without charge, which was a nice gesture.

I’m not sure how Glassic Composites selected Hudco as their epoxy supplier, but I suspect Stan had some connections with the company.

Last time I checked their website, I could find no evidence of their Clearstream 9000 laminating resins.  Perhaps they discontinued the line.